Ask Dr. Ben Series

Welcome to the Ask Dr. Ben Podcast Series. These podcasts will be exploring many topics, including ingredient myths and truths, what toxins do, botox, skin mapping, healing internally, healing topically, healthy habits for teens, anti-aging, as well as many specific skin conditions.

Episode 13: Pandemic Insights From A Holistic MD

There are a lot of politics and theories with regards to the coronavirus pandemic. My experience as a holistic MD, combined with immersing myself in research and following my intuition, has brought on some profound insights about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Episode 11: How Hormone Toxins Are Affecting Your Children (And You!)

Thirty years ago, I was fascinated with why girls were starting to menstruate at a younger and younger age, and we’ve seen more and more hormonal issues among girls and boys since then. Research shows that estrogenic toxins in food, water, and products influence our hormonal health in profound ways. This episode is about generational differences and how our children are impacted by our dramatically toxic environments.

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